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What is NAMI Maine Respite?

NAMI Respite offers parents a much needed, short-term break from the day to day demands of caring for and raising a child with special needs.


How Can NAMI Respite Work for You?

  • NAMI Maine Respite offers relief from the everyday stresses of caring for children with disabilities. Parents can take time to visit with friends, go shopping, or even simply take a nap without worrying about the care of their child. (NAMI Maine Respite can not be used while parents are working.)
  • Eligible families may receive 72 hours of NAMI respite relief per quarter. (24 hours per month, up to 288 hours per year)
  • Parents and/or legal guardians choose their own NAMI Maine certified respite providers. NAMI certified providers may be someone the family already knows, an extended family member, neighbor, or friend..
  • NAMI Maine Respite care may take place either in your own home or outside the home. This is the parent's choice.
  • Money flows from NAMI Maine Respite to family chosen providers.
  • The NAMI Maine respite program's ability to cover unplanned events or emergencies is extremely limited and families are encouraged not to utilize their respite in this way, if at all possible. 


Who Qualifies For NAMI Maine Respite?

Children birth and up to age 18 with a behavioral, mental health, or developmental diagnosis* many qualify for respite care. The child must also be currently living full time in the home with his/her parents or legal guardians.**

*Documentation of the child's diagnosis/status must be submitted with the application.

**Children in DHHS custody or living in foster care do not qualify for this program.


Families Comment On Respite

  • "I am able to get everyday things completed faster and easier, making my time with my sons more quality time than work and stressful time."
  • "I am able to rest and recover, making me more able to handle the high maintenance child of special needs."
  • "It has helped my stress level greatly, being able to have time to do things like grocery shopping which are very hard otherwise."
  • "(Respite) helps because my husband and I get to get out together once in a while!  It's great! We could not do it otherwise."
  • "I am able to get some time away and able to regroup."
  • "(We're) able to get a much needed personal break from daily issues."
  • "Because my kids are all special needs, it's really helpful to have a break."
  • "I am a single parent with two children with very high special needs.  Being able to use Respite and pay someone for their care allows me to have some time to relax, rest and do something fun."



NAMI Maine Respite's goal is the preservation of the family unit

Visit our Contact Us page to learn more about the NAMI Maine Respite Program in your community.


Funding for this program provided by the Department of Health and Human Services

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