The NAMI Maine Family Respite Process


Receiving NAMI Maine Family Respite Services is easy. The process is as follows:

  1. The referral: Parents or professionals contact the NAMI Maine Family Respite Program for program information and applications. The NAMI Maine Family Respite Program Director determines if the family is eligible for Respite Care after the application process is completed. Each family receives an allocation of hours for the current fiscal year, per family not per child. The NAMI Maine Family Respite Program approves bills and issues payment to providers for services, eliminating out-of-pocket expense to families.  NAMI Maine shares information with families about the NAMI Maine Faily Respite Program and keeps family records. The NAMI Maine Family Programs also distribute registers of NAMI Maine Family Respite Certified providers to parents and tracks expenditures for respite.    For a NAMI Maine Family appilcation for Respite please go to :
  2. Provider training: The NAMI Maine Family Respite program provides training for certification on the RespiteforMe site  in an on-line and self-study format.
  3. The coordinating process: The NAMI Maine Family  Respite Program provides families with a register of NAMI Maine certified respite providers. The parent contacts the provider, this is a family driven program, the family is encouraged to identify a provider.  If the NAMI Certified provider meets the parent's approval, the parent may begin scheduling respite. The parent may discontinue services at any time. Parents may contact the NAMI Maine Family Respite  Program Director with specific concerns about the quality of services. Parents may also choose to use a neighbor, friend or family member as long as they are NAMI Maine Family Respite Certified providers.

Funding for this program provided by the Department of Health and Human Services