NAMI Maine Program Expectations

NAMI Certified providers are per diem employees of NAMI Maine.   As per diem employees they are not allowed to work over 30 hours per week.

 Because NAMI Respite Providers are NAMI per diem employees, the reimbursement payment received reflects  taxes  deducted.   Per diem employees of NAMI Respite are not allowed to work over 20 hours per week..

Confidentiality is imperative: You have a responsibility to the families to protect their privacy. All information given to NAMI certified respite providers is confidential. That means you cannot discuss anything regarding a child or his/her family with anyone else, with the exception of the NAMI Maine Program personnel. When NAMI Maine certified providers are in a community setting they should not identify the child in their care as being part of the NAMI Maine Respite Program. NAMI certified  providers cannot discuss specific information about families or children with other providers or other families with whom they are working. Breeches of confidentiality are a serious matter and may result in decertification.


Funding for this program provided by the Department of Health and Human Services