NAMI Maine Allocation and Payment

NAMI Maine Respite Care has two basic levels of service. Each of the two levels reflects the amount of care needed by a child and is determined according to the following criteria:

  • Activities of Daily Living and Communication Needs: Does the child function independently in this area or does he/she require minimal assistance? Is the child totally dependent?
  • Behavior: Does the child have challenging behaviors or mild problems that the typical person could deal with, or does the child have behaviors that require a higher skill level of a provider?
  • Medical: Does the child have good health or is he/she in need of a respite provider who is trained to meet the needs of children with moderate to severe medical needs?

Level I: Basic allocations are given to children with mild to moderate delays, stable conditions, mild behavioral issues and the presence of stabilizing medication. This level also includes children who exhibit moderate to severe needs in care, have seizure activity or atypical behaviors requiring behavior management skills. They may require frequent medication changes, which may not always stabilize the behavior. Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) or other behavioral intervention training is suggested for working with children who have emotional or behavioral diagnoses.

Level II: These children exhibit the highest needs, having severe medical, behavioral or emotional needs, which require a high level of skill from a provider. Children at this level can exhibit aggressive and/or assaultive behaviors. Behavioral intervention training is highly recommended.
NAMI Maine certified repsite providers are reimbursed at the amounts listed below:

Level 1 child---$9.00 per hour or $90.00 for a 10 hour day rate

Level 11 child--$11.00 per hour or $110.00 for a 10 hour day rate


All NAMI Maine certified respite providers  must have completed the application and orientation process along with the legal documents pertaining to the forementioned.    The

NAMI Maine Respite Program processes billing forms every two weeks, however Providers must allow two full weeks (14 days) from the date the bill is received in the office for payment to arrive.

Request for reimbursement must be submitted in a timely manner. Check with NAMI Maine Respite Program for  requirements for billing.  

  Quarters Due no later than
1st July 1 - September 30th October 7th
2nd October 1 - December 31st January 7th
3rd January 1 - March 31st April 7th
4th April 1 - June 30th July 7th

NAMI respite billing forms received after the 7th will be paid from the next quarter's allocation as long as funding is available. Families are able to carry hours from one quarter to another with the exception of the fourth quarter. Billing forms received after the close of the fiscal year (July 7th) will be returned unpaid.

Mileage will not be reimbursed, any mileage reimbursement will come from the family and at the federal rate of .44 cents per mile
Long-distance telephone calls are not reimbursable. Parents who request providers to take their child to activities that charge a fee (ex: amusement parks, movie theaters, museums) must be responsible for paying for the child. Parents must also negotiate payment for care of siblings who are not eligible for services through the NAMI Maine Respite Program.  NAMI Maine certified respite providers may not care for more than four children in any one family at any time, nor can they care for children from different families at the same time.


Funding for this program provided by the Department of Health and Human Services