Myths vs. Facts

Myth 1:  People with disabilities have lives totally different from that of most other people.
FACT:  People with disabilities go to school, get married, work, have families, do laundry, grocery shop, laugh, cry, pay taxes, get angry, have prejudices, vote, plan and dream like anyone else.

Myth 2:  People with disabilities always need help.
FACT:  Many people with disabilities are very independent.

Myth 3:  People with disabilities are more comfortable with being with "their own kind."
FACT:  Years of grouping people with disabilities in separate schools and institutions have reinforced this misconception. Today more and more people with disabilities are living in mainstream.

Myth 4:  No one should ever be curious and ask and individual about their disability.
  Most people are endowed with a natural curiosity other people. Asking questions helps to remove stigma and enhance understanding and acceptance. Society is just beginning to learn to treat people with disabilities in a normal, respectful manner.



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