Possible causes of challenging behavior

Any discussion around “What can we do?” needs to start with: “What exactly is happening?” and “Why is it happening?”

Some Possible Causes of Behavior:
  • Pain or illness
  • Sensory/tactile needs
  • Avoidance/escape of demands
  • Rewards/desired activities or possessions
  • Attention
  • Control over others or environment
  • Medication/side effect
  • Communication (can't/won't express verbally)
  • Fear
  • Revenge
  • Self-regulation of physical/emotional status
  • Internal process (hallucination/trauma)
  • Play
  • Imitation of observed behavior
  • Seizure activity
  • Loneliness
  • Physiological need (hunger, sleep)
  • Habit/routine
  • Affection
  • Diet

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